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FLASH Sites and Fancy Stuff

Do You Need Flash? Animation? Complex Graphics?

Flash websites aren't new but over the past few years, more and more sites are integrating Flash into their overall site design. Is this something you should do?

Firstly most people now have flash, and they will be able to view Flash content.

It is certainly appealing to create an overall impression. It can provide movement and dramatic impact to your website, tell a clear story in a small amount of space, and engage your visitor's imagination with wonderful images and designs.

When well done, Flash can invoke a sense that your company is at the top of the market in a way that static websites simply cannot accomplish.


=> It is SLOW SLOW SLOW to load, especially on older computers and via dialup connections.

=> Animations and sounds can be very annoying and can detract from the content.
However when done well, Flash is a great idea!

We normally recommend using Flash components integrated into html, rather than coding a site exclusively in Flash. By using Flash objects, you can enjoy all the benefits of Flash, without suffering any of the limitations. For example you might want to add a Flash introduction to your homepage, while maintaining the rest of your site in html. This is a bonus because you can add Flash to your site without completely redesigning your website!

If you are considering adding Flash, contact us. We're happy to discuss all the possibilities.

Its Slow Slow Slow - that is the real issue. When I click on to a site and have to sit there waiting for it to appear in my browser, I start sweating, banging the mouse, tapping my toes, rolling my eyes, start moaning and soon I want to throw my computer through my office window. I'm obviously impatient, but again, I know there are other sites out there with the same information that will download more quickly, so why wait? I'm gone.

Don't let your customers go in a FLASH!
FLASH Sites? Animation? Fancy Stuff?
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