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Getting Listed

An uploaded site will not get any traffic until its listed. Oddly many wineries build great sites but no one can find them as they fail to list their list with search engines and with the major other websites that your customers are likely to search. Also many wineries do not build adequate meta tag - i.e. include a title, description and keyword list on their site.

What this means is that the major search engines will not list their sites on the search results for the keywords users are likely to type into their computers. We will develop great meta tags to maximize your chances of being found.

Adding your site URL to Other Websites

We will submit your site to the major search engines and local directories. We will also work with you to identify and request that links to your site are added to the key national, regional and local websites that will bring users to your site. This can be a very time consuming process and our focus will be on showing you how to do it, once the major links have been established.

Getting High Rankings on Major Search Engines

This is a very complex and difficult task, and it is hard to guarantee success unless you are willing to pay a lot of money for it. The rankings depend on how many good quality links you can set-up with high ranking sites. It is competitive and hard to achieve. We will show you what is required, but we cannot guarantee success unless you pay for it.

Contact Us for details

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Getting Listed, Developing Links, Search Engine Rankings
Building Your Website - Steps

>> Domain Name & Hosting
     - register domain name
     - set up hosting account
     - finalise email/contact
     - decide on links

>> Choose a Style
     - select a style template
     - or send us style details
     - FLASH & animation?
     - slide shows, video?
     - Other features, effects?

>> Text and Photos
     - send us suitable photos
     - send us text, map
     - we edit and revise text
     - layout for each page
     - build draft site
     - revise to suit you, test

>> Customise
     - revise layout & design
     - add links and extra
     - revise to suit your needs,
            test & load

>> Map, Newsletter, Contact
     - finalise contact details
     - design your location map
     - set up a template for
            your newsletter
     - wine club member list

>> Order Forms, Sales
     - finalise wine list
     - design Order Form
     - E-Commerce?
     - Wine Club Order Form

>> Finalise, Test & Upload

     - finalise the testing
     - upload to host
     - online testing with
            various browsers

>> Getting Listed - Links

     - meta tag optimization
     - submission to search
     - developing links to
            and from your site

>> Site Use Statistics

     - set up statistics package
     - show you how to use it
     - set options and test

>> Mainenance, Refreshing

     - establish update process
     - monitoring
     - changes, events
            and announcements
     - error processing

Resources & Information

>> Why have a Website?

>> The Target Audience

>> What to Expect?

>> How far to go with the

>> How many Wineries
        have Websites?

>> The Good, The Bad
        and The Ugly?

>> Website Statistics

>> Website Evaluation

>> Order Forms

>> E-commerce

>> FLASH sites

>> Web Standards

>> Marketing your Site

>> Getting listed

>> Local, Regional Listings

>> Online Tourism

>> Advertising

>> Multimedia & The Web

>> Newsletters, Wine Club

>> Keeping a Site Fresh

>> News & Updates

>> Content Management
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