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How Good or Bad are Winery Websites?

While website design is a matter of taste and style there are certain criteria that can be used to assess how well websites are doing their job. Another aspect is how well the design works in terms of being included and highly ranked by search engines.

An independent review of over 2,200 American winery websites carried out by Michael E Duffy & Associates, publishers of The Winery Website Report, reported by produced an average score of only 48 points out of 100. The report evaluates 'user effectiveness' using 25 criteria, including the site's visual appeal, its navigation, personalisation and responsiveness.

'The best sites clearly address the needs of four distinct types of visitors: buyers, browsers, the trade, and the media.' 'An effective site helps a visitor accomplish what they came to do without a lot of effort wasted,' said Duffy. He made the point that wineries should ask 'What is someone who just landed on this page trying to do?' rather than 'What do I want my site to do?'

'The report is designed to help wineries make their sites more visitor effective, meaning that visitors achieve their goals, and leave with a positive impression'.

Surveys of Australian winery websites by have shown that most Australian websites are poorly designed and leave their customers frustrated. is developing a similar website evaluation tool for Australian wineries.

Even if you have a fantastic website, it doesn't automatically mean that people will visit it. This is the old "build it and they will come" approach. Websites should be designed to be found and someone has to make sure the site gets listed on the key websites. Building a website without dealing with 'getting it listed' is like designing an advertisement for the 'yellow-pages' and then not submitting it to be published!

Websites designed by Websites for Winery websites ALL have a score of more than 85% in the general ranking by, a general website evaluation tool and by the ranking tool being developed by for winery websites.

How do you Know if Your Website is Working?

Increasingly, the first point of contact between your winery and a potential customer is your Web site, so its effectiveness in dealing with a first time visitor is more important than ever. The worst thing is when someone comes to your Web site, is frustrated by it, and never comes back. You may never get another opportunity to begin a relationship with that visitor.

Your Web site is working if A good website statistics package can provide use information on a regular basis. It can also tell you where they are coming from and what serch terms are successful.
How do Winery Websites rate for Ease of Use, Content and Search Engine Listing?
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