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How far to go with the Website Design?

It really depends on how important the website is to your Marketing Strategy.

The best approach is to start with something simple but effective,

- something like one of our wide range of templates.

Then as you become familiar with it and you get some response from your customers you can customise it to better suit your needs.

At Websites for Wineries we can easily and cheaply get you started and we can quickly modify your websites as your need and experience evolves.

Eventually it will become clear exactly what you want from your site.

The FLASH designs are pretty and look very sophisticated, but they can take a long time to load and your users may be distracted from your content.

When you have reached this point and your site has been upgraded and modified several times, we would recommend that you consider a complete re-build starting from scratch. Once again our team can help you with this. A rebuild will improve the speed and efficiency of your site.

Our Content Management Systems are easy to use. They allow you to make continual upgrades of the information on your site.

Remember to keep your site fresh.
How far to go with the Design? Simple? Complex? Flash?
Building Your Client-Orientated Website

>> Identify Primary User

>> Choose a Client       Orientated Style

>> Ensure Navigation
      is Clear

>> Customise for
      Client's Needs

>> Make sure Information
      is Adequate

>> Get Feedback from Users

>> Finalise, Test & Upload

Resources & Information

>> Why have a Website?

>> The Target Audience

>> What to Expect?

>> How far to go with the

>> How many Wineries
        have Websites?

>> The Good, The Bad
        and The Ugly?

>> Website Statistics

>> Website Evaluation

>> Order Forms

>> E-commerce

>> FLASH sites

>> Web Standards

>> Marketing your Site

>> Getting listed

>> Local, Regional Listings

>> Online Tourism

>> Advertising

>> Multimedia & The Web

>> Newsletters, Wine Club

>> Keeping a Site Fresh

>> News & Updates

>> Content Management
Websites for Wineries
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