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Maintaining and Updating Your Site

Once your site is up and running it will need to be maintained and updated from time to time. You will need to change the details of you wine stock, prices and to add new releases. You may send out regular newsletters, but the information on the site will need to be updataed from time to time. We can do this for you at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Your Website - A Growing Thing

You should regard your website as a growing thing - not build and forget. Yours users must find it useful and appealling and this will require updates and chnages. You may choose to start simple and small and then increase its complexity in stages by adding various additional features. We can help you do this.

Keeping the Site Fresh and Appealing

It is important that your site is always fresh with something new to see on it every week of month. The best way of doing this is by using a Content Management System. This enables you to quickly and easily change the information without our involvement. You should consider changing the photos on the site regularly, and adding new ones as they become available. Errors may appear on your site that will need to be coreected.

Periodic Upgrades

The web and website technology is changing all the time and it is best to consider upgrading your site every 6 to 12 months to incorporate the latest developments.

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Maintaining, Updating and Refreshing Your Site
Building Your Website - Steps

>> Domain Name & Hosting
     - register domain name
     - set up hosting account
     - finalise email/contact
     - decide on links

>> Choose a Style
     - select a style template
     - or send us style details
     - FLASH & animation?
     - slide shows, video?
     - Other features, effects?

>> Text and Photos
     - send us suitable photos
     - send us text, map
     - we edit and revise text
     - layout for each page
     - build draft site
     - revise to suit you, test

>> Customise
     - revise layout & design
     - add links and extra
     - revise to suit your needs,
            test & load

>> Map, Newsletter, Contact
     - finalise contact details
     - design your location map
     - set up a template for
            your newsletter
     - wine club member list

>> Order Forms, Sales
     - finalise wine list
     - design Order Form
     - E-Commerce?
     - Wine Club Order Form

>> Finalise, Test & Upload

     - finalise the testing
     - upload to host
     - online testing with
            various browsers

>> Getting Listed - Links

     - meta tag optimization
     - submission to search
     - developing links to
            and from your site

>> Site Use Statistics

     - set up statistics package
     - show you how to use it
     - set options and test

>> Mainenance, Refreshing

     - establish update process
     - monitoring
     - changes, events
            and announcements
     - error processing

Resources & Information

>> Why have a Website?

>> The Target Audience

>> What to Expect?

>> How far to go with the

>> How many Wineries
        have Websites?

>> The Good, The Bad
        and The Ugly?

>> Website Statistics

>> Website Evaluation

>> Order Forms

>> E-commerce

>> FLASH sites

>> Web Standards

>> Marketing your Site

>> Getting listed

>> Local, Regional Listings

>> Online Tourism

>> Advertising

>> Multimedia & The Web

>> Newsletters, Wine Club

>> Keeping a Site Fresh

>> News & Updates

>> Content Management
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