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Wine Tourism - Growing and Important for Small Wineries

Many small wineries depend on local and regional visitors for much of their sales and they have the cellar door, restaurant and other facilities to benefit from tourist visits. The internet is becoming more and more important for making visitors aware that you exist, what you offer and why they should visit your winery/

How many travellers visit wineries?

In Australia in 2004 there were over 4.6 million visitors who visited a winery while travelling in Australia. Most of these visitors were domestic visitors. Between 1999 and 2004 the number of visitors who visited a winery while travelling in Australia varied across markets. Domestic overnight and international wine visitors increased, while the number of domestic day wine visitors remained flat. This compares with a strong decline in total domestic day visitors.

Where do they come from?

The majority of domestic overnight (65 per cent) and day wine (97 per cent) visitors travelled within their state of residence in 2004.

How much do they spend?

Domestic visitors who visited at least one winery while travelling in Australia, spent $2.4 billion in 2004. Domestic wine visitors spent notably more per visitor on accommodation, takeaways/ restaurant meals, shopping and alcohol/drinks compared to other visitors. The largest difference was with alcohol/drinks, with domestic overnight wine visitors spending 2.3 times more on alcohol/ drinks and domestic day wine visitors 5.9 times more on alcohol/ drinks compared to other visitors. In 2004 international wine visitors spent $2.2 billion while travelling in Australia. Forty six per cent of this expenditure was on accommodation, food and drink, with international wine visitors spending on average $1 764 on these items.

See Wine Tourism Snapshot for more information.

About Winery Visitors in Victoria

The majority of visitors reported that they planned to visit wineries in the region before departing on their trip (77%). The largest information source used when planning a winery trip was recommendations from family and friends (44%), followed by the Wine Regions of Victoria brochure (27%) and Tourism Victoria jigsaw brochure (26%).

Motivations to visit wineries

The main motivations for visiting wineries, apart from tasting and buying wines, were related to atmospheric aspects of wineries. Namely the surroundings, scenery and sightseeing (24%) and the atmosphere and ambience of the winery (15%). The food, dining or restaurant experience was also a significant motivator (20%).

Main reason for visiting region

Visiting wineries was cited as the main reason for visiting the region for 53% of respondents. Other reasons for travelling to a region included visiting friends and relatives (14%), travelling for a holiday or weekend away (14%) or attending sporting events/outdoor activities (10%).

Most enjoyable aspect of winery visit

When asked to specify the most enjoyable aspect of their winery visit, most respondents indicated that it was the friendly staff (36%), followed by the quality of the wine (31%), food/restaurant facilities (18%) and ambience (15%). Enjoyment of each of these aspects further increased in 2003.

For further information see Wine Tourism - Victoria
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