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Web Standards - A Major Design Problem

As any web page designer will tell you - there are no real Standards!!

There are major differences between the browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Foxfire, Opera, Safari) Versions within a browser Group and their functions and different computer types and operating systems (Windows, PCs, Macintosh).

Getting a website to function perfectly on all browsers and all versions and all machines is virtually impossible. You can spend endless hours trying to develop work-arounds and patches to allow some of the fancy stuff to work on various combinations.

At Websites for Wineries we build sites that comply with the W3C Web Standards and Guidelines - W3C primarily pursues its mission through the creation of Web standards and guidelines. Since 1994, W3C has published more than ninety such standards, called W3C Recommendations. W3C also engages in education and outreach, develops software, and serves as an open forum for discussion about the Web. In order for the Web to reach its full potential, the most fundamental Web technologies must be compatible with one another and allow any hardware and software used to access the Web to work together. W3C refers to this goal as "Web interoperability." By publishing open (non-proprietary) standards for Web languages and protocols, W3C seeks to avoid market fragmentation and thus Web fragmentation.

By complying with the W3C standards our websites will work on ALL the major Browsers - for MODERN VERSIONS.

We test the sites we build using all the major browsers. However we cannot deal with older browser versions - it is simply too difficult.

Most of the browsers are free and users that have problems should be advised to upgrade to modern versions.
Web Standards - Designing for Multiple Browsers and Computers
Building Your Client-Orientated Website

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>> Finalise, Test & Upload

Resources & Information

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>> The Target Audience

>> What to Expect?

>> How far to go with the

>> How many Wineries
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>> The Good, The Bad
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